GOM Remote


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771 How to use [Note] Please note that the Gom Player/Gom Audio control functions in Gom Remote may not be working properly in the following cases. 29,571
750 How to use The file in PC is not displayed in the search result. 14,777
749 Features & Functions I’d like to change the name of play list in GOM Audio. 5,780
748 How to use I’d like to delete files from the play list. 5,854
747 How to use I’d like to change the order of play list. 5,688
746 How to use I cannot see the music file which is in PC folder in the menu of ‘Open file’ of GOM Remote. 6,737
745 How to use What should I do to move to the upper folder in ‘Open file’ menu? 5,668
744 Features & Functions Can PC be ended with GOM Remote? 7,682
743 How to use I’d like to change the basic control program to GOM Audio when connected with PC. 6,464
742 How to use When PC is to be connected with, ‘Being used in another device.’ is displayed. 8,682
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